420 Drumbeats

420 Drumbeat


Episode Segments

  1. MJ’s Cultural Revolution with Xochitl B. Moreno

  2. Cannabis Equity and Economic Justice with Ramon Garcia

  3. Marijuana and the Law: The Scales of Justice with Omar Figueroa

  4. Mota Lens and/or Indigenous Profiles (Rotating) with Gavilan Molina

  5. Commentary and Closing Comments with Dennis Bernstein and Friends


  • The raging Covid-19 Pandemic has had a devastating impact on Indigenous Peoples and has made it incredibly challenging for everyone involved in the cannabis world.

  • Indigenous Communities have had some unusual and unique struggles in surviving the pandemic and keeping afloat in the cannabis revolution.

  • The ongoing battle for social justice and the constant fight against the huge over the top costs to deal with: licenses and permits; local state and federal taxes; banking restrictions and regulations. This has made it extremely difficult to succeed.

  • The 420 Drumbeat will focus on Indigenous Peoples, communities of color, the social political, economic and environmental impact The Cannabis Revolution has had.

  • The 420 Drumbeat team of activists, reporters and journalists will interview: writers, advocates, community leaders, farmers, manufacturers, and distributers. These people are innovative visionaries who are making change for a better world.

  • Gather around the drumbeat as we go across Indian Lands in our push for inclusion and equity in our continuing fight for racial justice in this every changing marijuana gold rush amidst the backdrop of: mass incarceration and police violence; inadequate healthcare, lack of housing and defunded education; medical supply shortages and lack of food; all while the ever increasing undeniable presence of climate change has created a daunting crisis within the Indigenous world. Gather ‘round, join us and may the drum resonate within you. Let’s keep hope alive, and FIRE UP! Aho! To all our Relations.